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From E to OS4 in 7 days

Subject: From E to OS4 in 7 days
by Chris on 2008/7/11 0:51:34

Thanks to PortablE, I've ported PDHFIC to OS4.

It's 120K of E code and needs modules PortablE didn't have. A bit of tweaking (and a rewrite of one routine, which needed doing anyway as the original was rooted in OS3.0), plus a port of the picture datatypes headers and it largely works.

Many thanks to Chris Handley for PortablE, and for putting up with me hassling him trying to get this working.

If you have old E code lying around please try out PortablE and port it to OS4! If you don't code you might find E easier (I started out on E before moving on to C).

With no polishing, I thought I'd post a link to the beta to see if there were any further problems I haven't picked up in my testing. There are a few things which need fixing, but they are all minor tweaks.

Still have more to port after I fix this up!

Download beta OS4 version

Changes since last public release
Use screen menu item fixed
Datatypes loader now uses 24-bit data
extscale fix no longer required

Things that don't work properly
Console window pops up on startup (fixed)
Choosing a file from input ASL doesn't unlock convert button (drag files in to appwindow instead) (hmm, only a problem if there is no path present in asl, this actually appears to be an old bug and nothing to do with the port)
A few odd crashes (not systematically reproduceable, appears that the second call to the display menu items causes problems)
Version number, email address and website are all wrong (fixed)
Values on requesters are wrong

ARexx port (needs tools/arexx) (disabled neatly)
ASL file filter (currently using ecode module) (disabled neatly)

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