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TuneNet 0.92.56 released !

Subject: TuneNet 0.92.56 released !
by samo79 on 2010/3/14 1:22:54

Finally a new version of TuneNet is availible for the download, thanks Paul !

Here the changes:

V0.92.56 - 12/03/2010

- DSP - New resampling methods implemented.
(Gapless and X-Fade audio improvements)
- Player - corrected erroneous 41000 reference - silly mistake..
- GUI - Base frequency label "41000" corrected to "44100" - d'oh.
- Player - fixed an audio reallocation issue when jumping from Gapless to
Simple mode which could cause a crash

V0.92.54 - 09/02/2010

- Now compatible with the SelcoCast broadcast tool (http://selco.da.ru/)
- Minor internal changes

MP3Cast Plugin - V1.20 (Experimental)
- Initial read ahead buffer added
- Buffered read size dropped by 50%

MP3Cast Plugin - V1.19
- Better stream buffer usage when streaming internet radio
- Corrected buffer size calculation for low buffer / pre-buffer settings.

V0.92.52 - 03/02/2010

- Tune playing ENV is updated when a tune change occurs during radio streams.
- Delete key deletes tunes within the Reaction GUI. In either standard or
filtered view.

MP3Cast Plugin -V1.18 (Experimental Final?)
- Fixed an issue whereby the first frame could be missed in certain cases.
This caused song time and other important info to be misread.
(Thanks to Chris for the bug report).

V0.92.50 - 01/02/2010

- The player could get confused if a stop/seek occured during the 4 second
gapless period. Could cause a lock if the player priority was too high.
- Rewinding the track (as above) will retrigger a playlist update again
(Re-notification and Playlist update if needed).
- Next Tune Notification now takes place as the song switches, and not within
the gapless / xfade period.
- Resolved issue with time from previous track being reported.
- Scanning stations with a previous station search result would cause
de-referenced list items. Fixed. (Reported by Chris H)
- Search results on stations will auto update as you scan :)

MP3Cast Plugin - V1.17 (True Gapless support)
- Playing a non gapless song from start to finish would cause a loop at
the end of the track. (Issue with erroneous file seek after 1st frame)

MP3Cast Plugin - V1.16 - Experimental Release (Might crash)
- Custom FileIO of MP3 added.
- Gapless playback for iTunes MP3 7-9, and Lame Xing format.
- The words "Gapless MP3" will be added to the info comments.

V0.92.48 - 17/01/2010

- Preload formats (Mods) wern't being loaded directly from WB launch or CLI
(unless supplied with the "-load parameter). This has now been Fixed.
(reported by Orgin)
- SkinFX window will now report a title through WA_WindowName (though doesn't
help with SGrab or winbar docky).
- ASLFR_SleepWindow added to the ASL definitions to resolve the "delayed" menu
- Tested Duplex issues, but couldn't recreate on my setup. (Kas1e).

V0.92.46 - 06/01/2009

- Maximum streaming buffer size has been doubled to 128KB
- Default streaming buffer size is now 48KB
- Sometimes playing non active streams could cause long waits in the shutting
down of the associated player processes. The shutdown is now more

AIFF Plugin - Changes V1.7
- The AIFF form size field wasn't filled in preventing samples being loaded
into AE4 - Now fixed (reported by Andy).

MP3Cast Plugin - V1.15
- Failsafe default buffer size now set to 48KB


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