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Re: Tunenet suggetions

Subject: Re: Tunenet suggetions
by bean on 2010/2/3 21:22:23


I'm using Tunenet every day. First i wan't to thank you for the first and very stable version of Tunenet delivered with Amiga OS4.1 Update1, known as Tunenet Version 0.92.44.

No problem. Glad you like it.

Songend recognition for Modules, TFMX, SID-Files (its really annoying to press "next track" if the song repeats over and over again with correct repeat-settings)

That is really down to the plugin, a plugin can signal a tune end to TuneNet at any time. I remember providing a bit of code to Curty for use in the SID plugin to detect end silence, but that of course is not enough for certain SID's.

- Save of the Mixer-Settings for every Plugin-Type (all Modules require for example a +18 Stereomix to be enjoyable with headphones and for tfmx-modules of course 150% Volume-Boost)

- Autoplayback Playlist/last played Song after restart Tunenet

The Autoplayback will definately get implemented at some point, I'll make a note of the mixer settings.


I found a small bug in the 0.92.44 version. When playing a shoutcast station, the song info in ENV:TuneNet is only saved once for the first song. Any song info played after that never get written to ENV:.

OK, I'll look into it and get that sorted. I think I know what the problem is.

I have a new version of TuneNet which I'll release as soon at the experimental MP3Cast plugin gets the thumbs up (in the other thread).

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