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Re: IBrowse 2.4 OEM how to use YT.rexx "SOLVED"

Subject: Re: IBrowse 2.4 OEM how to use YT.rexx "SOLVED"
by white on 2018/2/6 9:36:12

/* YouTube URL extractor */ Ver="v1.5"

/* Default settings */
Embed="0" /* Request content as an embedded video by default? 0/1 */
HTML="0" /* Generate HTML page and open browser? 0/1 */
Login="0" /* Login to your YouTube account? 0/1 */
Debug="1" /* Write debug output to T:YT-Debug.log? 0/1 */
AutoPlay="1" /* Automatically stream videos in mplayer/ffplay? 0/1 */
SkipDASH="0" /* Skip processing of DASH links. 0/1 */
Captions="1" /* Display list of captions? Console mode only. 0/1 */
CapLang="" /* Caption language for autoplay. Blank for none. See docs. */
CapTrans="" /* Translate captions to this language. See docs. */
Browser="" /* Default browser: Odyssey/IBrowse/AWeb/NetSurf. */
ScanLimit="10" /* Maximum amount of videos links to scan. */
UsePipe="0" /* Streams HTTPS to MPlayer via STDOUT/STDIN */

TagOrder="18" /* MP4 720p/360p, FLV 240p */
PathMP="Work:MickjT-MPlayer/mplayer-nonaltivec" /* Full path to MPlayer executable */
PathFP="APPDIR:Amiga:Utilities/FFmpeg/Generic/ffplay.xdelta3" /* Full path to FFplay executable */
ArgsMP="-quiet -really-quiet -vo sdl" /* Optional parameters for mplayer */
ArgsFP="-loglevel quiet -infbuf" /* Optional parameters for ffplay */
/* End of settings */

hi pjs, thanks for your advice, I'm sorry if I did not answer right away.
I would like to try and make odyssey faster.
I would be pleased if possible to have some advice.
If this is possible, thank you!

Thanks for the advice, I attach the script directly using Odyssey and not firefox.
This is the first time I reply with Odyssey, I hope it is right to copy and paste.
This is the exact configuration file.
Thanks I hope it's right.
I have not figured out how to attach a file in the forum, it would be easier.
Thanks for all the advice and your work.

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