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Re: Older versions of SFS?

Subject: Re: Older versions of SFS?
by joerg on 2007/7/28 17:49:47



micro wrote:

So, if i have understand it right, i?m supposed to use SFS_68k on my boot-partion (idh0: which holds my amigaos_3.9), SFS PPC on my morphos (idh1: which holds my Morphos) and plain SFS_68k on my other partitions?
Yes. For all partitions you want to use under AmigaOS you have to use the AmigaOS SFS, unless there is an AmigaOS 3.x/m68k version of the MorphOS SFS.

I don't know how much faster the MorphOS PPC native SFS is compared to using the emulated AmigaOS 3.x/m68k SFS on MorphOS, if it's not much faster I wouldn't bother using it at all but only the AmigaOS 3.x/m68k SFS, that way you don't risk destroying AmigaOS SFS partitions by using the incompatible MorphOS SFS on them by accident, or the other way round.

What if the big difference between sfs aos 3.x and sfs aos 4.0?
The AmigaOS4 version is much faster (independant of the faster CPU), some operations are more than 10 times faster.

Can i use sfs aos 4.0 on my workbench 3.9, i mean sfs_aos_4.0 is for ppc and i have ppc, so can i use it instead for aos_sfs_3.9(68k)?
No, the AmigaOS4 version of course requires AmigaOS4. A PPC version for AmigaOS 3.x using WarpOS might be possible, but I guess it would be slower than the m68k one because of the very slow context switches in WarpOS.

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