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Re: Older versions of SFS?

Subject: Re: Older versions of SFS?
by joerg on 2007/7/18 17:27:45



micro wrote:
Is it possible for you to upload the older versions of SFS? Since there is only 1.270 available on aminet, and according to some people on morphzone, i have to download 1.252 or similair version, to get MorphOS to run on my classic amiga.
I don't know anything about problems with the current version, nobody has reported any bugs/problems until now.
But you shouldn't use 2 incompatible file systems on the same partition anyway, if you want to use the PPC native MorphOS SFS never write to such partitions with an AmigaOS version of SFS, and never write to AmigaOS SFS partitions with the MorphOS SFS. According to the MorphOS SFSCheck readme they made incompatible changes in the MorphOS SFS
If you want to continue to use AmigaOS 3.x as well, and not switch to MorphOS completely, it's probably best to create a FFS boot partition for loading MorphOS from AmigaOS 3.x and special, MorphOS-only SFS partition(s) with MorphOS itself, etc. for using the MorphOS SFS in MorphOS, don't mount any AmigaOS SFS partitions on MorphOS and don't mount MorphOS SFS partitions on AmigaOS, and only use FFS partitions for transferring data between MorphOS and AmigaOS.
Or make sure the PPC native MorphOS SFS is never used but always an AmigaOS m68k version of SFS. On AmigaOS4 you could do that by storing an AmigaOS 3.x m68k SFS binary with a different DOSType, for example 0x53465301 ('SFS\1'), in the RDB and use that DOSType instead of the standard SFS one (0x53465300, 'SFS\0') for all SFS partitions. Unless they do something very strange that should work on MorphOS as well, but of course an emulated m68k version is slower than a PPC native version.

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