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Re: Installing JXFS

Subject: Re: Installing JXFS
by ChrisH on 2009/8/5 18:17:27

I am sceptical that JXFS is "several times faster" than SFS. I could imagine 10%, perhaps even 50% in some specialised situations, but 200% or more faster seems ... unlikely (from my uneducated point of view).

JXFS has been in beta test and released to the public now for several years and is as stable as a rock.

Filing systems (especially journalled ones) are incredibly complex pieces of software. It is very common for corruption problems (in some unusual situations) to not be discovered for some time. Beta-testing within a small group is insufficient to find the majority of those kinds of bugs. IMHO only testing within a large group of users over a long time will get you anywhere near close to finding most of those kinds of bugs.

As I am storing many GB of data, I do not wish to risk corruption (especially subtle corruption that monthly backups won't help with).

Because of all the above, I did not touched SFS with a barge pole for a long time, and instead stuck to the commercial PFS aka AFS (on OS3.x). It was only relatively recently (I guess a couple of years ago) that I decided to risk switching to SFS, because the number & severity of bug fixes had decreased to what I felt was a reasonable level.

Therefore I hope you will not chastise me too heavily for not trusting JXFS yet (which I do not believe has been public "for several years"). Especially when it does annoying things like not hiding the recycle directory, and when it breaks AmigaOS (1.x to 3.x) standards by not defaulting to RWED (at worst that should be an option, at best it should not have happened at all).

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