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Re: Installing JXFS

Subject: Re: Installing JXFS
by Slayer on 2009/8/3 23:45:02

@ssolie & abalaban

Well, When I got my first SAM setup and got all the drives partitioned etc I wanted badly to use JXFS. I can't recall what problems I seemed to have (even though it was probably only 8 months ago) but it was enough for me to change ALL my partitions to SFS2.

I don't have a recycle dir at all, I believe if it's deleted it's gone and perhaps it makes some operations in SFS2 more reliable? although for the life of me I don't know why at times (seems after you've used a partition without reformatting it for a time) it can take quite some time for a deletion to complete...

But in general speed? hells teeth... copying between my SATA partitions is Lightning fast... I would say to select a file in DirOpus and to copy to another partition, probably another actual HD in my case as well... it moves a consistant 100 megs just shy of a second...

Before like on my classic if I sent a 300 meg file across I could go out and make a coffee and come back and it'll still be copying... now I move files of 500megs to 1g usually and I don't have time to stand up let alone go to the kitchen... LOL

And I don't get ANY errors with the file system... my only complaint is the delete times of partitions that have been used for too long... it used to be ALOT worse with a recycle dir in place... sometimes I'd have to go into the directory and manually delete the files stored inside to speed up operations... I thought removing the actual recycle dir would remove this problem... I thought it had worked but really it just delayed it...

SFS2 must suffer from a form of defragmentation?

So anyway, like the man said, what are the critical settings for JXFS? (outside the obvious like DOS type, blocksize and buffers) I feel like going back to it but I don't know, I can't remember what made me change... I'm thinking, perhaps the recent fixes addressed some of these issues?

Oops, the obvious is what he wants to hear too btw, heh, sorry... I'm at work so can't look at it... ah, the joys of Office work and being a boss

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