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Re: SmartFileSystem 1.274

Subject: Re: SmartFileSystem 1.274
by TMTisFree on 2007/8/21 21:40:50


Ahh, thank you for your reply, miss it before.


joerg wrote:
It depends on what is defect, if it's an electronic or mechanical defect they usually just take the discs from the non-working HD and build them into another, identical HD with working electronics and mechanics. If that's not possible, either because they can't get an identical HD, often even the firmware version has to be the same, or because the discs have errors due to head crashes, etc. the only thing they can do with file systems they don't know is to copy as much of the data they can recover to another HD, either the sectors directly or they put the data from the broken HD in one file on a NTFS, ext2fs, or whatever common file system with large file support you want, partition.

The pb is probably electronical (due to overheat) because the disk is not recognized anymore by either UBoot or PC BIOS. I suspect the disks inside are OK so I sent the dead disk yesterday together with a good one (exact same model) for data cloning.
If cloning does not work for whatever reason, how they could recover data without knowing technical details about how the filesystem works?


If the discs themself had too serious errors, they can't recover all data and therefore using SmartFileSystem2 itself doesn't work to access the data I could build a special SmartFileSystem2 version of SFSSalv or PartitionWizard for you.

Thanks for the offer, but as I say before the HDD is not displayed in UBoot/BIOS. If they are able to clone the data, I will try to recover the data from the old SFS/2 with the copy of the OS4/Update4 I keep for that matter. I have not completely switched to OS4 final (I just see there is an update, I'm late).


If they know the file system(s) which was/were used on the broken HD you get a new HD with the same partitions and individual files instead, but even if there are companies which offer such a service for custom file systems as well the fee would be huge, not "just" the usual hundreds or thousends US$ (depending on the size of the HD), especially for a file system they'll never have to deal with again and for which they would have to write special recovery software only for a single HD.

Their quote is actually 590-890?. I'm waiting for the final quoting if the data are really recoverable.

Anyway, many thanks for your usefull post.


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