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Re: SmartFileSystem 1.274

Subject: Re: SmartFileSystem 1.274
by TMTisFree on 2007/8/20 22:16:27



Ferry wrote:

Perhaps because English is not my mother tongue, I cannot see any "tone" in his posting towards you, he's only advicing against taking any pair of mem sticks (i.e., used in pairs in an A1) as reliable without heavy testings first.

English is also not my native language, so if I have not understood fully what he was trying to write, I'm sorry.

It's not that the sticks are faulty, so there's no real need to check them on another machine -unless you really suspect of a hard failure-, but that the A1 is quite unreliable when using them in pairs, it's related to timing, IIRC.

I myself am using 2 x 512MB sticks, and they have not passed memtester fully, at some stage it reports some fault, so better take tonyw and mlehto advice for good and check sticks in place, copying large files to ram: and checking their integrity with md5sum against original files, as I did.



As I said above, I know there are pb with two sticks inserted because memtester reports faults, but no error with either module alone. But I would like to fully test the modules with a bootable CD on a PC, but the one I currently work on has only DDR slots. Will check the Win98 PCs of my sons tomorrow.

Thanks for your advices.


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