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RuninUAE issues

Subject: RuninUAE issues
by DStastny on 2020/11/28 19:08:44

I was trying to share It Came from the Desert that came with the Amiga OS4 Final Edition on my X5000 but all the Cinemaware games seem to crash after starting up.

Log for uae

E-UAE 0.8.29
Build date: Jul 30 2011 03:59:51
Found joystick #0 (AI ID=4096) 'MAGIC-NS' with 2 axes, 12 buttons
Found 1 joysticks
Opening cfgfile '.uaerc'...okay.
unknown config entry: 'sound_max_buff=8192'
Opening cfgfile 'Sys:Emulation/RunInUAE/E-UAE-amigfx/.uaerc_RunInUAE'...okay.
EClock frequency:24.937500 MHz
Rexx port "UAE" installed.
Resetting frame rate hack
Building CPU table for configuration: 68020
1866 CPU functions
Building CPU function table, 45674 opcodes (2 0 0).
Resetting frame rate hack
AMIGFX: Using a 16-bit true-colour display.
Sound driver found and configured for 16 bits mono at 44100 Hz, buffer is 10584 bytes (ahi.device)
driveclick init...
reset driveclick
reset at 0
PAL mode, 50Hz (h=227 v=312)
chipmem cleared
SERIAL: period=372, baud=9600, hsyncs=16 PC=f8018a
B-Trap f201 at 00f80ca0 (0x636e1ca8)
Fastcard: mapped @$200000: 8MB fast memory
Card 1 (ZorroII) done.
Filesystem: mapped memory @$e90000.
Card 2 (ZorroII) done.
PAL mode, 50Hz (h=227 v=311)
PAL mode, 50Hz (h=227 v=312)
Mounting uaehf.device 0 (0):
FS: mounted virtual unit DH0 (Sys:Emulation/RunInUAE/WB31)
Mounting uaehf.device 1 (0):
FS: mounted virtual unit Work_ (Work:)
Mounting uaehf.device 2 (0):
FS: mounted virtual unit System_ (System:)
FS: Workbench starting..
FS: Work starting..
FS: System starting..
B-Trap f200 at 0025214e (0x602b6156)
B-Trap f017 at 0025219c (0x602b61a4)
Remote CLI started.
0000 written to DSKDAT. Not good. PC=0092F8AE

Any ideas?


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