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Re: Wings Remastered

Subject: Re: Wings Remastered
by kas1e on 2019/3/16 12:33:01

With last one (tmp/mgl.zip) visually all fine, i.e:

Cube : no more black screen, no white textures, all fine
Lugaru: no white textures, all fine
Q3 : runs with extensions too (yeah).

But, also find the new big problem :(

Most of time i can't run many times the same app. For example, if i run Cube and exit and then run again adn exit, and doing that few times it crashes on one of running right at begining in the MiniGL Watch-DOG.

Or, if i run/exit quake3 many times (let's say 3-4-5 times), it also crashes on running on last run.

Or, what is more easy to check, if i just run "testgl" from fresh SDL1 release, exit from, and then run again, it also crashes with ABADCB02 in DAR.

All the time crashes didn't point on any registers, everything freezes before stack trace is dumped. Like something very heavy happens with memory/system/etc.

So i doing tests of all libs flying around:

minigl.library 2.20 : all fine, no such crashes
minigl.library 2.21 : all fine, no such crashes
minigl.library 2.22 : didn't have that one
minigl.library from your precompiled_binaries : all fine, no such crashes
minigl.library from your last test archive : issue there

What it mean that there is something still wrong in changes done after you made precompiled binaries.

It also can be that this problem starts early, just i by some luck can'rt reprodce it with library from precompiled_bins.7z for now

Will check how your last 2 libs reacts

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