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Re: Wings Remastered

Subject: Re: Wings Remastered
by kas1e on 2019/3/15 20:52:22

Tried to build latest minigl code with both gcc 8.2.0 and with old 4.4.2. And in both cases trying to use 2 variants : pure "makefile" and "makefile_ppc".

In all those 4 cases, the resulted minigl.library just freeze os when i only run quake3 and pressing "enter" after ID logo.

Your precompiled libraries which done before latest fixes works fine through.

As i see after precompiled stuff was added that:


- Fix: cgl_GLEvalPoint1 and cgl_GLEvalPoint2 computed nonsense if p (q respectively) was equal to
the order of the map.
- Added support the GL_ARB_draw_elements_base_vertex and GL_ARB_map_buffer_range extensions.
New functions: glDrawElementsBaseVertex(), glDrawRangeElementsBaseVertex() and glMapBufferRange().
- Fix: const-corrret glDrawRangeElements
- Replaced S2TC wtih libtxc_dxtn, because the S3TC patents have expired.
- Fix: glTexImage2D didn't recreate a texture if only the width or the height changed and not both.
Thanks to Hubert Maier and Juha Niemimäki for reporting.
- Fix: same thing for glCopyTexImage2D

Maybe something of that sort cause that ?

And strangely size of my libraries always less than your ones for about 700kb. Which mean that probably something not build in or so, and or it done in light of latest changes, or i just suck some amiga1200 and do something wrong.

Also, makefile_ppc is fail to link minigl.library with words "undefined reference to tx_compress_dxtn" , which objects i had to add manually. Probabaly that one related to latest change about "Replaced S2TC wtih libtxc_dxtn, because the S3TC patents have expired." ?

Also another question : i can't build SPE/tabor bins, should we release it without them, or, we still need to build it and put together into archive ?

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