TD64Patch for OS4

Date 2006/12/15 17:15:17 | Topic: Software News

Fredrik Wikstrom has done it again!

TD64Patch can be used to make TD64 file systems such as the NTFSFileSystem and
FATFileSystem work on OS4.

Grab it from OS4Depot.
Background Info:
Amiga OS uses the New Style Device (NSD) standard to extend devices beyond the 32 bit addressing barrier and more. A competing standard called TD64 was created by 3rd parties (e.g. Phase 5) to address the problem but it was never accepted as an Amiga OS standard to date. You'll find strong opinions out there regarding the two standards so don't be surprised if some people get all worked up about it. Just always keep in mind that NSD is an Amiga OS standard while TD64 is not.

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