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Posted on behalf of Curty by Bean

Whilst?Bean?has?been?working?hard?on?TuneNet, I?have?been?working
hard?adding?support?for?more formats.

AAC Plugin - Improved playback directly from IPod, faster detection, bux
FLAC Plugin - Optimised, faster detection, bug fixes.

The New ones:
Sid Plugin - Plays C64 songs
YM Plugin - Plays Atari ST YM songs
VTX Plugin - Plays Spectrum ay/ym VTX files
HVL Plugin - Plays the newly released HivelyTracker songs
GME Plugin - Adds support for AY(Sinclair Spectrum),GBS(Gameboy),
GYM(Sega Megadrive/Genesis), HES(PC Engine/TurboGrafx-16),
KSS(MSX Home Computer), NSF(Nintendo 8-bit/Famicom),
NSFE(like NSF but supports track names and times), SAP(Atari XL),
SMS(Sega Master System), SPC(Super Nintendo), VGM(BBC Micro, Colecovision,
Sega 32X, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master System, Sega Mega CD , Sega
Megadrive, Sega SG-1000) and VGZ (Zip support for vgm files). Phew!!!

Thanks to SpotUP for all his hard work and supplying the libs (especially
libGME) that made most of these possible, also to Bean for the superb
TuneNet and for all his help and patience!!

Grab these plugins and the latest TuneNet here and enjoy all these
new formats.


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