Workbench Explorer v1.5 Build 5000 released

Date 2017/8/13 6:45:14 | Topic: Amiga Events

A better way to browse drawers

You can download it from Aminet, OS4Depot, AmiUpdate, or the best option is to use the built in updater in the Project menu, Check latest version.

###### [1.5 build 5000] - 2017-08-12
### Added
- Preferences now listens for cursor up/down to change pages.
- Preferences->Preview->Show MP3 tags
If enabled, the Preview pane is split 60/40 to show MP3/FLAC tags data pane.
F6 to toggle the data pane, temporarily.
- View menu->Toggle metadata pane F6
Temporarily toggle the metadata pane for MP3/FLAC and EXIF data.
- Metadata panes support mouse wheel scrolling.
- Duplicate File Finder->Comparison Mode
Compare files by: Filename, Filename no extension, Filename and size,
or Hash (default). Hash mode set in Preferences->Search.
- Duplicate File Finder->Recursively descend drawers.
Option to only search the current drawer or all subdrawers.
- View style->Thumbnail + Details
Unfortunately, if you are using Filmstrip, you will have to change your view
style and save your preferences to get things back to normal.
Also can be set in Preferences->View style.
- Thumbnail and Thumbnail + Details now show MP3/FLAC album artwork in list.
- Preferences->Devices category.
- Preferences->Devices->Show volume label as.
Set one of four different ways.
- Preferences->Devices->Show empty drives.
NOTE: This will mount inactive volumes, like GoogleDrive. The X5000 DVD drive
usually won't show up until you actually insert a disc.
- Archive each item separately. All menus.
For each item selected, LhA archive it to it's own archive, dropping any
extension, and naming it MyItem.lha.
- Preferences->Language category. Switch between languages on the fly. Only
the languages you have installed are shown.
- Preferences->Archives->Open destination in a new tab after extraction.
- Preferences->Archives->Use LhA to extract LhA archives.
More extraction options. See note below about browsing inside archives.
- Improved Test LhA Archive results.
- New installer using the Installation Utility.
- All windows now have resize and depth gadgets.
- Brightness slider in the palette requester is up and working.
- Preferences->Window category.
- Preferences->Search category.

### Fixed
- Preferences->FTP Sites checkbox gadgets got misaligned.
- Preferences permanent changes made also applies to Toolbar, Tabs, User
Buttons, and FTP Sites.
- Striping wasn't correct in Duplicate File Finder results.
- Filmstrip view style was not being set properly in menu locations.
- Sound files weren't always stopped when switched files.
- Some archive functions weren't unlocking the path lock.
- Preferences->Toolbar directional arrows were out of synch at times.
- Preferences->Window position gadgets left aligned properly.
- Get Version now shows the FULL version string, not just the first line.
- Handles Enhancer Pack's Format properly.
- Eliminated the listbrowser flicker.
- Delete does a better job of deleting protected drawers/files.
- Duplicate File Finder opened all results if picked one and hit Enter.
- Changing tabs had some weird results.
- Bug in handling User Buttons.
- When iconify, any preview is stopped.
- Several small tweaks to the palette requester.
- Some menu items weren't being filled in if cancelled out of Preferences.
- Tweaked every window to be resizable.
- When browsing inside an archive, if you pick a file and pick default
extract, only the file is extracted. If you pick a drawer and default
extract, the entire parent tree is extracted with it.
If you pick a file and "Extract archive...", you can select to extract just
the file or with parent tree. Drawer will extract the entire parent tree
every time.

### Changed
- Preferences->View style->Sort devices, moved to Preferences->Devices.
- Preferences->View style->Drawers order, moved to Preferences->Devices.
- Preferences->Operation->Window position, moved to Preferences->Window.
- Preferences->Operation->Iconify, moved to Preferences->Window.
- Preferences->Operation->Search results, moved to Preferences->Search.
- Rearranged Project menu a little.

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