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Date 2017/5/1 23:20:39 | Topic: Amigans News

I have uploaded my project Workbench Explorer (WEx) to Aminet and OS4Depot, and also Amiga On The Lake.

It is a modern file browser for OS4.1+ loaded with the usual features and many custom ones.

Using the Preview Pane you can:
* View images
* View GIF anims
* Read text files
* Play MP3s
* and more

Fully customizable, different view styles, tabs, context menus, download from FTP sites, etc.

In Preferences->Installed tab there is a list of things that enhance WEx if they are installed. PicFlow.gadget adds Filmstrip view style which is nice for previewing a lot of images. mpega.library increases amount of details for MP3s.

My web site,, is far from complete, but the forum is ready for posts.

Workbench Explorer is free, but any and all donations are appreciated.
Amazon Wishlist, Amiga On The Lake

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