Emulator update for OS4

Date 2007/6/6 21:33:17 | Topic: Software News

An early port of Fuse, the Spectrum emulator, and an updated version of ArcEm, the Archimedes emulator, have now been released!
A port of Fuse, the open source Spectrum emulator is now available on Aminet.

This has been partly Amiga-ised, with XFD decompression support and ASL requesters. The port is very much beta - the sound isn't working correctly, and +3 emulation is missing. It needs some proper testing as I haven't had time to properly use it. Feedback very welcome!

Download Fuse

In other news, I have released the latest CVS version of ArcEm prior to any official new ArcEm release, as the previous version had various problems (most notably with the mouse pointer). This updated version is much faster, and has some sound emulation (although not perfect), and some extra goodies.

Download ArcEm

Thanks to Ken Lester and Martin Merz (respectively) for the icons used in these archives.

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