Amiga-like key caps Kickstarter launched.

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In the last few months I’ve had requests for more Amiga inspired key caps for mechanical keyboards as seen here:

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As you probably already know, it took me quite a long time to make them and convert them to the following languages:

Italian, French, French-Canadian, French-Belgian, dual Greek-American, Danish, Swedish/Finnish, German, Spanish, Russian, Serbian-Latin, American (both ANSI and ISO standards).

So this Kickstarter campaign is for all of you who for a reason or another haven’t had a chance to get a set during the X500 Evo campaign but also for anyone who already has a set and would like a spare one or for retailers…basically everyone…

The keys come in the usual Amiga-like colour combination; White and Beige but you can also pledge for the all Black one, the new White and Dark Grey, any of the colours below or even a combination of:

White, Beige, Dark Grey, Orange, Green, Lilac, Yellow, Pink, Red, Light Blue.

To spicy things you can even have your own, single key made on any of the above coloured caps, so, for example, you’d like to get the picture of a cat, a penguin, a banana, your face, your pet on a single key in white, black or full colour, just send me the drawing and I’ll do my best to print it on a single key for you.

You need to have permission to use whatever you send me or it must be your original design.

I've always enjoy getting input and suggestions and allow people to get involved so a few Limited Editions will be made based on your preference for colours/design.

Pledge for the Limited Edition sets (AROS and MorphOS, more Limited Editions sets will be available later; A-EON, Hyperion's AmigaOS, ACube Systems etc...) and you will participate with suggestions regarding the look, design and colour combination which will be unique to each Limited key caps set. Once all the suggestions have been collected and the design finalised and agreed on they will be made.

And finally if you also want a full size mechanical keyboard with your full set already applied, ready to enjoy then just head towards one of the available pledges.

So if you want a set in your language layout, a spare set in your language layout for your second keyboard or a spare set for your X500 Evo this is the time to go to my Kickstarter page and pledge.

I aim to have them all delivered to you by November. Please be's a lot of work.

To summarise:

New batch of key caps (as cheap as they can possibly be).
In your language layout.
New colours to choose from.
Multiple buys are allowed.
Limited Editions using your input/suggestions.
Full size mechanical keyboards with the key caps already applied, ready to enjoy.
Single key loveliness.

Thank you.

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