New Qt version + massive amount of apps released!

Date 2013/7/6 21:35:01 | Topic: Software News

Qt 4.7 (0.9.0) is finally here!

Package include support for webkit, systrayicons, improved native rendering and many other things (see readme for full details).

Because of the size of the archive, Qt is no longer available from os4depot. Instead follow this link to download from sourceforge: ... est/download?source=files

On top of that, here are some nice stand alone apps, that uses the new Qt abilities:

MuseScore: Maybe this is the first time, that AmigaOS actually has a fully featured musical score WYSIWYG editor (correct me if I'm wrong ;) )! This was one of my main goals from the beginning when starting the Qt port, since I am a musician myself and need this kind of software. Check the documentation and the readme, if you are not sure how to use this software. ... se/musescore.lha/download

Vacuum-IM: A nice, feature rich jabber client, with support for multiple accounts and many other things:

JuffEd: Advanced text editor, with context highlighting, an nice friendly gui and other cool stuff. See notes in readme.

Wally: A feature rich wallpaper changer with lots of modules for google, photobucket, picassa, local files and folders etc etc. Uses AmiDock for interface.

ScreenGrab: Simple but effective screen grab utility.

Pencil: A simple animation editor. Can output swf (flash player) files and other things.

FlasQ: Another animator, made by yours truly. Not very complete at the moment, but improvements will continue now and then :).

EasyPaint: Simple paint app. Pretty much Windooze paint for Qt, with a few extra features.

OpenGOO: If you like the game "Tower of GOO" you will enjoy this one. Simple game, where you move around "goo balls" to form structures and traverse obstacles. Sadly not the latest version, because the latest requires Qt5.

Ok, if you made it this far in the news post, here is where it gets exciting! I hereby declare


for open! What is that?! you ask. Here it is: From today and until August 30th the challenge will be, that whomever is able to port the most Qt apps or make actual new apps using Qt, will win an excellent and quite intruiging price! The requirement is, that the apps shall run on both my X1000 and my SAM (not my A1200 ;) ). I will be available most of the time to help anyone in need (ie. if there are some insurmountable problems with the current Qt impl.). Points will be given according to the hardness of the task, that is: a more difficult port will get more points. Also homemade apps will rate higher than ports.

So get your baby fingers ready to spew out some code, and please have as much fun as you can ;).

Best, Alfkil

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