Amiga Future looking for editors and translators

Date 2013/5/24 21:10:30 | Topic: Publications

Do you like the idea of contributing to Amiga Future magazine?

We are looking for editors with a good knowledge of the Amiga demo scene.

As an editor, you should have sufficient experience in the general use of the Amiga.

Interested? Then get in touch with the Amiga Future editors.

However, you should own the following:

- An Amiga :)
- Fundamental knowledge of Amiga
- Very good spelling in your native language (German or English!)
- Experience in writing a test report
- And of course, time and interest :)

We are also looking for translators for the magazine.

German -> English
English -> German

You should Speak your language (German or English) very well and have very good spelling in your native language, also understanding the other language well.

And of course, you should also understand the subject you are translating.
So basic knowledge on the Amiga is a must in each case.

We are also looking for assistance for the Amiga Future homepage.

We want to expand the download area of the Amiga Future homepage. Especially the area with the full versions.
For this, we need users to test the full versions, take screenshots, and write short descriptions and system requirements.

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