Pianeta Amiga 2012

Date 2012/10/15 22:51:37 | Topic: Amiga Events

Pianeta Amiga Italian exhibit is back.
Event fair should be free access as usual, but if you want to help contributing to organize a better encounter, you can donate any amount of money.
This edition will be held in Bologna, Italy, on a 3 day event, starting the 30th of November, and 1 and 2 of December.


More info soon!
If you just can't wait... write to info@pianetaamiga.it
Soft3 and Virtual Works, courtesy of Jasa Communications, are the organizers of Pianeta Amiga 2012. If you want to contribute to this event, please donate! Pianeta Amiga needs you! All donations will go to Virtual Works and Soft3 to cover the costs of the show.

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