SMBMounter Updated to V1.0

Date 2012/2/19 2:51:01 | Topic: Software News

SMBMounter has been updated, and now includes all the features I originally planned to include, so I've bumped the version to 1.0. This version includes many bugfixes, improvements and new features, and is available to download from

Changes for this version include:
- Ability to list and select servers on the local network, and any shares they contain for easy creation and editing of shares
- Better (though still not 100%) support for MorphOS
- Font setting changes no longer require SMBMounter to restart
- Ability to suppress error requesters when hidden. Important for WBStartup automount use when a share might not be available
- Many bug fixes (volume names with spaces, tiny requesters, font size issues...)
- Improved error handling and requester information
- Support for scroll wheel in OS4

SMBMounter is also in the upload queue on Aminet and OS4depot.

A big thank you to all the betatesters here and elsewhere who helped me out with this!

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