New Acuario screen saver 2.05

Date 2010/8/8 14:20:00 | Topic: Software News

Do you like Aquariums? but you haven't got the space, and your fish always die?

Here we have the solution to your problem: "Acuario". Our program has several fish, clock/date, background music and the innovation that you don't find in other aquariums: our real mermaid. Acuario also automatically adapts to your screen size.

Improvements in this new version 2.05:

1. Compiled with Hollywood 4.7.
2. Corrected some bugs in the music options.
3. Now Acuario is available with text in French, German and Italian languages via F9 keyboard.
4. Now there is one AROS x86 version.
5. New Ningyo called Maria, the Japanese version of the mermaid.

You can download it from:

Enjoy it!

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