A1000 booted and kickstarts lawsuit win

Date 2010/5/15 12:00:00 | Topic: Amiga Events

Groklaw credits the Amiga 1000 with saving RedHat and Novell

Vexatious patent lawsuits at the vogue in the industry at the moment and strangely most of them seem targetted at UNIX like flavours and mostly open source. Read on to find out how the not-so-humble A1000 helped save the day..

Until we get a wholesale reform of the Patent gravytrain pointing to prior art is the best defence, and it is a defence that some want eliminated. What is prior art but the simple statement that "if it existed before you claimed to invent it, you didn't invent it".

A bizzare lawsuit to enforce IP Innovation's patents on screen switching resulted in a call to find prior art. One item of prior art was a humble Amiga A1000.

Irritatingly the report finds it a surprise that a working Amiga A1000 was found. This might have been more problematic with an A1 XE after so long, so at least someone needs to keep one of theirs in pristine order just in case *wink*.

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