LoVew 1.79 OUT!

Date 2010/4/27 0:45:36 | Topic: Amiga Events

I just uploaded LoView 1.79 on OS4Depot...
If you like it try it :)
And tell me your opinions!

PS currently there's a little problem with the archive on OS4Depot...I mistakenly uploaded the archive with the icon I use myself, so at first startup you will get an error message looking for a directory that does not exist on your system....NO PROBLEM! just choose another dir and when LoView exits, the new one will be saved in the can also change the directory manually by editing the what you like :P

Here the ChangeLog:

27.04.2010 v1.79

Added time counter to display the time needed to load images, Added a busy pointer when the program is working

Added preliminary Exif TAGs support

Added EXIF_ORIENTATION ToolType to choose if load pics with correct orientation reading the relative Exif TAG, Added EXIF_LOAD

Added the "SinglePIC" and "NoASL" arguments from CLI, added a reworked and powerfull LoViewDT script(thanks to AmigaPhil for that!)

Added a SlideShow mode with nice transition effects

Added Music play option in SlideShow Mode


Added a simple ContextMenu

Added an About window

Added an Info window(ATM displays only the Exif infos if presents)

Added a window to choose the file to load from the files already scanned

Some code clean-up and corrected bug(s)

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