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Re: ArtPazz - new game for AGA just released
Quite a regular
Quite a regular

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New version of ArtPazz released. It benefits from the recent improvements to ALS and to the AMOS executables optimizer originally developed for Ring around the World.

v1.7 (18.03.2023)
* Fixed 'I' and ']' of big font.
* Removed involuntary dependency on AMCAF (the cleanup code included an Open Workbench command).
* Saved some memory by tweaking the AMOS Professional Interpreter configuration.
* Recompiled against ALS v2.4 (which eliminates the dependency on mathtrans.library).
* Reprocessed executable with improved optimizer tool that optimizes also Exit If ... and While ... Wend.
* Embedded version string in executable.

v1.6 (02.03.2023)
* Fixed 24 bytes memory leak due to the AMOS function Dir First$() by replacing it (and Dir Next$()) with direct calls to dos.library.
* Fixed 24 bytes memory leak due to the new font handling code.

v1.5 (28.02.2023)
* Changed font handling so that diskfont.library is no longer needed.
* Made minimal changes to the startup and cleanup code.

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