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Re: cpuinfo_docky.lha upload still pending?
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joerg wrote:

Just tried out your docky. Quite nice. I have a question about the WARNTEMP option though. I deliberately set it too low in order to test it out. Are you lowering the CPU's internal clock frequency or using some other technique?
Instruction cache throttling. Instead of forwarding one (for example on 750 CPUs, more on some other PowerPC CPUs, for example 3 on e600 cores, don't know if it's 1 or more on the 7451/7455 CPUs) instruction each clock cycle from the intruction cache it's only done every x cycles.

And what are you throttling it back to? My machine really crawls when that happens, I can see the windows and icons being redrawn!
I'm using the maximum possible slowdown, 255, i.e. you have something like a 3.1 MHz CPU when it's active

In that case, I'm impressed with how efficient AmigaOS still is. My 3.1MHz PowerPC G4 system was still usable.

The CPU temp started dropping almost instantly so this method is definitely effective. It's a pity that we can't change the clock frequency on the fly as that would have a bigger effect on power usage and CPU temperature. Laptops do that when using running on batteries.

EDIT: As a sidenote, it's nice to see the CPU temp (measured by a temp probe) drop instead of rise when the CPU is idle. When I first installed it, the temperature rose by a few degrees when idle, compared to max load. Possibly comething that the CPUClock docky was doing.


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