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Project description
Supreme Council
Supreme Council

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The idea behind the <insert name> organization is for it to act as a Amiga community Open Source Research and Development department.

- The main goals
- Open source
- A rough timeline
- Infrastructure
- Needed personell

The main goals

- Enhance the AmigaOS 4 experience
- Provide useful information for OS4 developers
- Research advanced topics like multi user support

Everything that <insert name> produces shall be done with the intent of some day be included in the main AmigaOS4 distribution made by Hyperion.

Open source

Open source presents a few strong points that other methods doesn't offer.

These are the reason for proposing to use Open Source for the <insert name> organization:

- Experience gained from one project can be reused in another
- The source code can act as school book examples for other developers
- The source isn't depending on one single person or entity. If the person loses interest the source can keep living on.
- Anyone can contribute to the code ( though of course governed by the leader of a specific project).

A rough timeline

- First off the project needs to gather interest, finding the manpower to drive it. And from that form a group of people, containing say 5 developers and a few others. All with an interest to bring things forward.

- An initial forum needs to be set up or found. (already done)

- Then that work group needs to define the overall goal for the organization

- After the overall goal is set some discussion must ensue:

Infra structure: like source repositories, bounty systems, discussion forums
Work flows and definitions
What projects to do, and which to not do. (defining What is an application, what is an OS function)

- The work group then contacts Hyperion in some manner, presenting the case and ask for their view

- The work group then discusses Hyperions' reaction and defines how to move on

- The work group decides on some basic infra structure

- The work group implements the first license scheme(s)

- The work group implements infrastructure

- The work group defines project groups and initial projects


There's some issues here that the Work group needs to discuss:

- Do we use our own cvs/svn or an existing one, such as sourceforge?
- What web sites do we need? Forums, wikis etc.

Balanced between what we can do ourselves in terms of manpower and using shortcuts like existing solutions.

Needed personell

- Developers and others who can join the main work group
- Interested parties that provide feedback in the forums
- People who can write developer guides and guidelines (howtos, do's and don'ts)
- Web developers for building the infrastructure
- People who gather available developer documentation from the net

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Vacca foeda. Sum, ergo edo

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