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Re: Openoffice.org for Kids, OS4 porting
Just popping in
Just popping in

it look like the only changes lately were on :

27 January 2011
Fixed wrong check in set_soenv.in for Amiga OS r1140


also, looking at the problems, software installed, is the AmigaOS4 SDK updated to correct these issues ?


Is there a functional donating system to this project ?

Maybe even for different milestones, $$$ is the most effecteve incentive to program for Amiga.

had a functioning donation system been built up, during this time we would have a finished product and $5,000 potted by now.

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Re: Internal version number of OS4.1.1?
Just popping in
Just popping in

I thought that was a clear example on how not to code it ?

Amigans for years stuffed at other systemes on how superior Amiga was/is. We had the best code, the best developers, the fastest most effecient...

We should have done better, maybe even wrap it all into a function. GetOSUpdateVersion()

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Re: Internal version number of OS4.1.1?
Just popping in
Just popping in

Now we know why people been saying for years the sorry state of Amiga Api /developement.

on windows you have a one liner,not an ugly mess.

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Re: Sam440ep Setup Tool and Update 3
Just popping in
Just popping in

on a similar note, is noone going to do any kernal,OS,mem, gfx, drive, game regression / speed tests ?

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Re: reaction or MUI based installer utility
Just popping in
Just popping in

This would be a valuable program - worthy of a bounty.

here is a link to a modified 7zip installer - with script code :


The script forces UTF-8

The configuration page on the left shows all commands, which are very easy to learn.

We need UserC, UserLibs, UserPrefs drawers so not to mess with official SYS: partition.

Detect library version :
if newer, copy old version to UserLibs then copy new to SYS:
if older, check if there is already in UserLibs first, then copy to UserLibs.

Just in case a specific program requires a specific version to work. In this case installer should log similar libs file and FLAG the program that requires it.

This will keep a record of dependancies and find problem programs that can be reported and fixed.

Which is the better solution - Flag the file that requires specific version of a Lib or just copy a different version to UserLibs ?

MD5 logging of files and operations.
Record each stage for documentation automatically.
Silent Install for multiple systems simultaneously

could having specific folder structure be useful ?
eg all docs in subfolder Docs

EG recommended structure :


Installer maps shortcut
Program shortcut "MyApp" to MyAppFolder/MyApp
Programs documentation "MyAppDoc" to MyAppFolder/Docs/MyAppDoc

So now shell or any program can execute program :
"MyApp <options>"

or call ANY Programs documentation by executing :
"TextReader MyAPPDoc"

A table keeping this information can be parsed to create or recreate HTML documentation with links to apps/tuts etc or even embed code,examples, version numbers, settings - anything !

If you follow structure guide your app will be detected, if you want to install app anyware - dont expect detection.

just some thoughts

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Re: Application Suggestion for willing Developer
Just popping in
Just popping in

Why not create a drawer specific for scripts in eg C:Scripts and keep all dos/python/Arexx/Lua scripts in there ?

Hmm maybe even all C: programs can use script equivelents especially DIR/List etc, so they can be easily updated.

I like this x86 command line program that has multiple features - Swiss File Knife :


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Building "instant-up" real-time operating systems
Just popping in
Just popping in

Here is a nice link that talks about IOS (instant-up operating system).

It would be interesting if AmigaOS could take advantage of such features.

I am sure the world is going towards this type of OS system.

http://www.eetimes.com/design/embedde ... bedded&Ecosystem=embedded

Other features could be seperate kernal protection and other advanced security features, as in Integritys' harde real time OS.


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Re: Passing arguments to the command line
Just popping in
Just popping in

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Re: What do you expect from update 3?
Just popping in
Just popping in

I would like to see :

Overhaul of all GUI/gfx functions into one GUI library using platform independant functions.

New developer Frameworks to make programming faster and close to 1:1 similar/portability to linux/windows gui apis.

Drag 'n' drop GUI, UI software.

.Net style code & OOP

Start from scratch describing the Amiga systems :

weekly coding blog showing how to code small apps like dir, clock, format etc

monthly blogs describing converting from dos program to crating GUI progs.

Consider creating one Hyperion developed AmigaBasicNG.

The key to success is developer tools, docs,source code - look at Microsoft they have their own wonderful programming RAD IDEs - they are guaranteeing new generation of users can simply code for windows easily.

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Re: Assigned project: 32Bit icon editor
Just popping in
Just popping in

This is great work ! well done.

I wonder if adding an AREXX PORT/HOST by default to a small app like this good for example programming ?

The idea being that another PAINT application can REQUEST services via AREXX to IconEDit NG.

In effect scripts could tell Icon Edit what to draw, automating tasks, but also if in some way to :

Drag 'n' drop from one application toolbox to another, in effect using drawing facility of icon Edit in another Paint application - communicating commands via AREXX.

This is a small example, but larger apps could benefit from unique features - especially automation - which is what Amiga was also known for.

The example is similar to Firefox plugins, drag'n' drop and use !

If only we had XUL based GUI/apps and a way to communicate between them !

datatype with AREXX port ? -> merge all picture datatypes using one AREXX parser + scripts ?

Libraries with AREXX port ?

sorry a bit OT - but a small application like the is a perfect programming TUTORIAL example - great work, but how to autoreuse modules w/out compile?

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Re: Developper documentation: official status ?
Just popping in
Just popping in

The RKRM was written by many different programmers, who contributed source code/examples etc.

Just like the Hyperion Blog - It would have been better if permission was given as default for lifetime usage for any medium/format for any reason in future.
Ownership to Hyperion or future owners of AmigaOS or else go public domain.

The only way is to re-write closed room style.

Also a decent documentation format is nowhere in sight.

Please Hyperion UPDATE AmigaGuide file format to support :

embedded graphics
simple layout (like DTP text panel)

support vector format in future.

Once Amigaguide has simple layout tools for publishing we have a document format that can be searched easily, efficiently.

Users could make their own catalog tools to search current/future magazines/books/text etc for instant future proof documentation.

Maybe similar tools like REXX XML parser can be used on a xml like document format and DTD.

Amiga Transactor/Amiga Tech J magazines were fantastic programming magazines.

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Re: USB driver for eGalax touchscreen controller
Just popping in
Just popping in


This is great news for small gadget developers !

Touch screen is the way forward aswell as AMC like front ends.

In a few years we may find Amiga software running things similar to Google TV :



Imagine combining TV/internet together

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Re: Half Life 1 possible on sam440?
Just popping in
Just popping in


What do people think of Spring Engine ?
Quite a few good looking games for it.


I was looking at the game Zero-K, but it requires Spring Engine.


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Re: ragemem benchmark results thread !
Just popping in
Just popping in


Would it be possible to do a SysSpeed benchmark ?

Amiga 4000T, CSPPC@233Mhz, mediator

It would be interesting to compare MIPS results of this benchmark program and classic systems MIPS benchmarks.

Do we have the source code of SysSpeed ?

Would be nice to run on OS4 systems and create a final bridge of benchmarks from classic machines to PPC.

The holy grail of Amiga benchmarks :

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Re: Does it work in any HP usb printer os 4.1?
Just popping in
Just popping in


Alot of printer companies are trying for a universal driver, so we hope new printers will be compatible.

Has anyone tried SANE?

I dont think we have an OS4 native version of SANE.

Here is a interesting discussion about TRUE universal printer drivers for PC :

http://theconnectedcopier.wordpress.c ... -driver-really-universal/

Possibly the best universal printer driver technology ?
http://www.canon.co.uk/Images/White%2 ... 20driver_tcm14-686519.pdf

PCL5/6 convert to from PS/XPS
printer code independent print spooler ? anyone ?

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Re: What's the best file system for AmigaOS 4.x?
Just popping in
Just popping in



What's the bloody edge (excuse the pun)? Any example?

on windows try this renaming program - it renames movies/episodes by making use of internet.



In this context its video/movies but the idea can be extended to other formats like music or images.

It needs latest version of flash to run.

The program shows an excellent use of combining a 'simple' rename task to having internet capability that makes use of internet database of movie/episode information.

So why not have information based system by default, why does each app require to be programmed with this features, why not as default ?

Whats the point ? because its cool !

maybe even CLI should access internet for live internet information like currency conversion.

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Re: What's the best file system for AmigaOS 4.x?
Just popping in
Just popping in


It depends - is the current Amiga file systems the best for now and future ?

Addons are welcome, anything that makes access transparent as possible is a good thing.

I could do with a user defined flag for a file.

So if I want a flag called 'viewed' or last viewed running length in a video would be cool.

another question should filesystem addons have renaming / online database access capabilities as default ?

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Re: What's the best file system for AmigaOS 4.x?
Just popping in
Just popping in

double post

Edited by angelheart on 2010/12/1 23:35:24
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Re: What's the best file system for AmigaOS 4.x?
Just popping in
Just popping in


Its 2010, we should aim for a FUSE based filesystem so we can finally access archived files/isos as drawers.


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Re: USB driver for eGalax touchscreen controller
Just popping in
Just popping in

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