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This support guide will give you a brief introduction to the Amiga version of Jabberwocky and show you some of it's main benefits. This tutorial will guide you on how to setup Jabberwocky with MSN Messenger, the principles of which can easily be applied to ICQ, Yahoo and other compatible Instant Messaging services.

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Jabberwocky is an Instant Messaging program- it allows you to see if a friend is online and if they are you can message them in real time.

You can setup a directory of your friends in a contact list. When they log-on their names are highlighted in the contact list. Similarly when you are online your details are highlighted in their contact list. Amiga Jabberwocky uses "lightbulbs" symbols next to your name to show your connection status; if you are online- the lightbulb illuminates and conversely if you are offline the lightbulb extinguishes. Jabberwocky's contact list is called it's Roster. Here is how it looks:
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Jabberwocky's Roster
The example above shows that mattbianco, harrypotter and dubya are currently online whilst fleecy and delboy are not. It shows my own connection status as currently being "Online". I can go offline at any time by clicking the "Disconnect" button at the bottom of the window.
(Dubya is dim, because he is away) Notice the button above the Connect/Disconnect buttons at bottom of the program window. Currently it is displaying my status as "Online". but by single click I can change it to display "Free For a Chat", "Away", "Extended away" and "Do Not Disturb"

If I wanted to chat to mattbianco, it's simply a case of double-clicking on his name and typing a message:

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After I've scribed my message I press enter on the keyboard and mattbianco will receive the message moments later.

Getting Started
To use Jabberwocky you will require a Jabber ID, password and a Jabberwocky server to connect to. Here is a list of jabber servers, select one and make a note of its address e.g. jabber.ambrero.nl.
Armed with that information, you can start Jabber for the first time, select "Account.." from the "Jabberwocky" menu and you will be presented with the login/registration window:

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Registering Your Jabber ID
In the Jabber ID box, where it says "myname", you can place the user name of your choice as long as someone else doesn't already have it. The Jabberwocky server that you want to log onto is the bit after the @ symbol. In this case the user name is "myname" and the server is "jabber.org". Finally type in a password that you want to use and click the "Register" button. After a few moments and providing your username isn't being used by someone else already, you will be ready to set up a Roster (your private contact list).

Roster Setup
To talk to friends they will need Jabberwocky and a Jabber ID. However Jabberwocky is very flexible and will allow you to chat with users of rival instant messaging systems like Windows/MSN Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo Messenger. So now you can talk to PC owners using Windows from your Amiga... great!

If you want to chat with Windows/MSN Messenger users you will need to setup a Hotmail account for yourself first. This can be done easily on the Amiga using a web browser such as IBrowse 2.4.

Once registered the next step is to goto Jabberwocky's "Windows" menu and select the "Agents" option. The "Agents List" window will open:

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Click on the "MSN Transport" and click the "Register..." button. Then enter your Hotmail username and password as generated from the Hotmail registration process previously

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Finally click "Register" and you will then be visible online to other Windows / MSN Messenger users.
If you already have a list contacts on msn, etc, Jabberwocky will give you the option to "accept and subscribe" your contacts automatically. These will appear on your Roster list

Should you need to add a contact manually to your roster goto the "Roster" menu and select "Add Contact". A window will pop up:

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Adding A Contact
Enter your friend's Hotmail email details but notice how the @ in the email address should be entered as a % symbol. This is to allow the @msn.jabberservername to be appended onto the email address. Once again the Jabber server name is the same as the server that you decided to use when your initially registered Jabberwocky.

Fill in your friend's name and click the "Subscribe" button to add the contact to the Roster.

You can repeat this process with contacts who are on other messaging services but for every different service that you communicate with you will need to be registered as a user on that service. This isn't a difficult process on the Amiga as you can enrol on Hotmail, ICQ and Yahoo via the web. You may even use your existing registration details from a PC or Mac.

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