Poll Manual

Date 2007/6/27 23:02:22 | Topic: - Help

This is how polls will work on Amigans.net.

How to create a poll:

1. Go to the forum section and select the "Polls" forum under "Other".

2. Click the "New poll" button.

3. Enter the fields for the forum thread and press "Submit".

4. The poll form will now show up. Enter the details for the poll and press submit.

5. The poll is now created.

How to comment on a poll:

Commenting in the polls forum is not possible, unless you are a staff member who has forgotten that you're not supposed to comment there. To comment on a poll do the following:

1. Click the "Polls" link in the Main Menu.

2. Click the "Results" link for the poll you want to comment on.

3. Click "Post comment".

How to view/vote in a poll:

Either use the "Polls" link in the Main Menu or go to the Forum section and select the "Polls" forum under "Other".

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