The Terms Of Service

Date 2007/6/27 23:00:45 | Topic: - Information

This is the Terms of Service, also known as the TOS.

1. This board is private property to which its guests contribute to make an informative, friendly and helpful resource.

2. The owners of the board, and its appointees have the final say in what is or is not appropriate on the board and whom they wish to permit to use the resources and whom they wish to deny.

3. When guests posts to this board they must do so in line with the letter and the spirit of the Terms of Service. Any perceived or actual breach of this Terms of Service can and will be met with moderation and/or account termination.

4. Guest contributions to this board are subject to editing and moderation. By contributing to the board you are granting a de-facto and de-jure right to the owners ( defined in clause (2) ) to moderate and edit the contribution as they deem appropriate. All edited and moderated items will be accompanied by a flag that identifies that the item was edited or moderated and when the edit took place unless the said item was removed.

5. Guests on this board are expected to be constructive, helpful, informative, honest, polite and above all to be nice and respect each other. Any breach of this attitude by any Guest will be moderated and punished under clause (2).

6. This board may not be used to libel, slander or otherwise defame ( see the record keeping statement (8) ), nor breach privacy rules and laws and nor may its content and that of its Guest provided content be copied or reproduced in any form without permission subject to the rules and laws of the owner host nation. Records will be kept of any breach or complaint, and the board will be liable to cooperate fully with any civil or criminal action. To protect the rights of the individual, the board will always err on the side of the complainant.

7. The common discussion theme of the board is covered by the Statement of Intent document. The board reserves the right to terminate discussions and accounts that either directly or surreptitiously, deviate from that theme, descend into advocacy or advertising for items outside of this support statement without notice. This includes, but is not limited to, discussions involving the unauthorized distribution or duplication of copyrighted material. Similarly, where the board perceives an item is relevant to a discussion thread, we may permit the occasional reference to a paradigm or concept or its implementation. The decision is ours.

8. The board will maintain a record of all interactions from a given connection with the site. This includes information on location, IP address, ISP, whether or not an anonymous/open proxy was used, any session or signature key, the time taken, the OS used ( where available ) and the action taken with its content (see note 9). Such information will be retained for the maximum legally permitted time under the host nation law and will be provided to the following parties, on application:

8.1 The legal authorities of the host nation, under the limitations provided by any relevant data protection law for Civil or Criminal issues.

8.2 The owners of the board, to monitor for abusers, those trying to circumvent a ban or set up multiple accounts without permission.

9. Private messages are just that, private. No record will be maintained of a private message other than for the recipient or the sender. Content of private messages is the only item which does not get recorded.

10. The owners of the board retain the right to ban entire IP address ranges, access from a specific country or through an anonymous or open proxy at any point or take any such measures as it needs in order to comply with publishing and editing law and in order to enforce its right to choose under clause (2) the users of this resource.

11. You are not allowed to submit any information, or links to information, which infringes any third party intellectual property, including but not limited to copyrights, trade secrets, or patents

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