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Author : trixie
Article ID : 30
Audience : Default
Version 1.00.03
Published Date: 2009/12/7 12:46:20
Reads : 10273

This is a step-by-step description of how to install the latest OS4 SDK (53.15) for use with Cubic IDE. Please note that Cubic must be installed prior to installing the SDK, together with the compiler suite (the C/C++ Add-On package) including GCC 4.0.4 for OS4 (we will update this with the new GCC from the SDK).

1. Download SDK 53.15 from Hyperion's website.

2. Create drawer "devkits:sdk/amigaos4/53.15". (If there is no devkits: assign in your system, then you haven't installed the C/C++ Add-On package - you MUST do it before installing the SDK).

3. Unpack the SDK archive and run "Install SDK". As your install path choose "devkits:sdk/amigaos4/53.15". Unselect the option "Create drawer "SDK" in destination drawer" located below the install path selection gadget. Make sure the GNU files are among the files selected for installation. Install the SDK.

4. Open a text editor, load "s:user-startup", comment out the entire SDK-related section the installer has added at the end of the file, and save it.

5. Load the file "devkits:sdk/amigaos4/53.15/S/sdk-startup" and comment out the GCC startup section, as follows:

;if exists SDK:s/gcc-startup
; execute SDK:s/gcc-startup

Save the file.

6. Load the file "devkits:scripts/user-startup". If you have installed SDK 51.22 previously (the last SDK version officially supported by Cubic IDE), modify the respective lines to look as follows:

if exists devkits:sdk/amigaos4/53.15
assign SDK: devkits:sdk/amigaos4/53.15
execute >nil: SDK:s/sdk-startup

If the 53.15 is the first OS4 SDK you install with Cubic, just add the four lines above. Save the file.

7. Create drawer "devkits:compilers/gcc/amigaos4/4.2.4".

8. Go to the "devkits:sdk/amigaos4/53.15/gcc" drawer and move or copy its entire contents to "devkits:compilers/gcc/amigaos4/4.2.4".

9. Load the file "devkits:devkits.config" and locate the compiler section "gcc for amigaos4/ppc". Modify the compiler home directory line to read

(home "devkits:compilers/gcc/amigaos4/4.2.4")

Then modify the includes section, to look as follows:

Save the file.

10. Reboot your Amiga. The SDK and the latest GCC compiler (4.2.4) should now be ready for use with Cubic IDE.

You'll notice that when Cubic is in the C/C++ mode, the "Change Compiler" menu still shows "Target: amigaos4 (gcc 4.0.4)" for the GCC compiler. You may want to edit this menu item in Cubic's settings (Extras/Customize...) for file type "gcc".

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