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Author : orgin
Article ID : 26
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Version 1.00.16
Published Date: 2008/8/3 20:35:25
Reads : 2543

History of featured donations:

December 2008
Resized Imageevilrich,
Resized Imageorgin,

November 2008
Resized Imageafxgroup, Andrea Palmat?. Thanks to his efforts we have an indispensable port of MPlayer, plus numerous libs, a plug in for DVPlayer, some games, cairo 2D gfx library as well as contributing to OWB.
Resized Imagehnl_dk, Henning Nielsen Lund. Rarely seen on Amigans.net nowadays. HNL is very much the programmers, programmer, having written ABC-Shell and a whole host of differing SDKs and programmers utilities.

October 2008
Resized ImageHans, Hans de Ruiter has contributed vastly to the Amiga OS4 effort, his most recent efforts include a RadeonHD Driver and MINI GL which for one man is a fantastic achievement. Please Donate to Hans if you can!
Resized ImageRogue/tfrieden, The Frieden Boys, Nuff Said. Go Donate.

September 2008
Resized ImageKen Lester Jr, A very talented man who, alongside Mason, has Given Amiga OS the visual identity we have come to recognise. Whether you need an icon for AmigaOS4, or UAE, or even for a web portal, Ken has been here for the community providing us with eye candy for absolutely nothing.
Resized ImageThe man behind, Unsatisfactory Software, which has brought us Wet Weather for the Amiga and other utilities, but now, much more important, he brings us NETSURF the new, lightweight, compact Web Browser for the Amiga.

August 2008
Resized ImageXeron is the equivelant of Rolls Royce, he doesn't churn out much that often, but when he does, its pure quality.
His pftp program and Hively tracker have received acclaim from many quarters. but unlike a Rolls Royce, it doesn't cost much, as a matter of fact it doesn't cost anything!
Resized ImageWhat can you say about Salass00? Well, if Spot up is China then Salass00 is close behind, shall we say, Taiwan?
Fredrik is the second most prolific author on OS4 Depot. Lets, put it this way, if Xeron is the rolls royce of the amiga scene, then Salass00 is to the man who supplies the tyres, the fuel, wipers, switches etc.
Without him and his myriad of Libraries and utilities, the Amiga would be so far back in terms of usage, you'd need a time machine to visit the 80's

July 2008
Resized ImageSpot Up is the amiga equivelant of "Made in China" the amount of ports this guy churns out for AmigaOS4 is almost on an industrial scale. He isn't human! Check out the number of uploads to OS4 Depot. Which includes Magazeux, Spot's Porting for Dummies Guide, MoleInvasion and many, many more.
Resized ImageSurely you've heard of him by now??? No? what planet are you on? Thanks to Jahc we have, Wookiechat, SabreMSN, Rockbeat, SimplePlay and alas; the FartButton! Please donate what you can, but mind the photo on the front page, its not for the faint hearted!

June 2008
Resized Image
Edgar Schwan (CygnusEd)
Works include:
Cygnix X11 Port, FontForge, OWB Libraries and more! Over 40 bits of software on OS4 Depot and counting!
Very much a developer at the forefront of AmigaOS4 development.

Resized ImageJoerg Strohmayer
Again, needs very little introduction, responsible for OWB a free, fully featured AmigaOS4 Web browser with full CSS capability etc. plus, SFS, AmiDVD, CPU TempDocky and many more too!

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