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Re: SMTube : new version on OS4Depot

Subject: Re: SMTube : new version on OS4Depot
by samo79 on 2014/6/5 21:57:22


Not related to libQtCore because for me too, on my setup, it fails.

Ok so no problem on that

I find what was failing, it's because the error string is too small.

If I replace
QMessageBox::warning(this, tr("Error"), error);
QMessageBox::warning(this, tr("Error"),error + " " ) ;

it works (notices the more than 50 space character after "error + "

If I replace "error" by a constant string, it's the same, this QMessageBox want a string that is at least more than xx characters (too lazy to count)

I'm not a programmer, therefore don't be surprised by the following explanation...
"I don't understand why it doesn't work here because QMessageBox works very well on CutePiano (OS4 Qt too)

Ok tested, yes it works better now, but unfortunely the problem isn't completely fixed, i can replicate the same issue if i retype a wrong "tem" after a first correct "error message" ..

But sometimes even at the first time!

At this point i suspect it might be an SMTube bug, i think we should report it to the author.

I have also another unrelated issue but eventually for later, sometimes SMTUbe freeze the entire system when i change on the fly the "type of video" in prefs .. it doesn't happen always but it's a bit annoying

Aniway a quick fix for the error message could be to just replace the current Qt error and replace it with a simple shell output (like the previews debug binary you link to us), but of course without all the debug output you add into it

I will not release this dirty "fix". But as, except you, TommySammy and Pseudaxos (on AmigaNG) reply to my "ask for test" request, it will not be a loss for os4 community if i stop smtube port.

Naa why ?
I know, if you leave it, then no one will recompile it
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