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Date 2009/1/16 16:42:21 | Topic: Software News

The "Amiga Games List" (http://obligement.free.fr/articles/listejeuxamiga.php), maintained by David Brunet since april 1991 has been updated in its 38th edition. About 850 new entries have been added, the total now reach 13528 entries distributed as follows :

- 12416 games.
- 953 datas.
- 125 gamesor levels editors.
- 34 interpreters.

There are 424 AmigaOS 4 natives games. Most of them are ports.

Here the change since the v37 :

- In the "Div" column (misc hardware), addition of games with EGS display.
- In the "License" column, addition of MIT, WTFPL (Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License) and Open Source licenses. The Open Source licenses is for free games with available code source but which doesn't enter in others license categories.
- In the "License" column, the "GPL" mention is renammed "GPL2".
- In the "Edit" column, addition of the mention "Ext" for editable datas.
- In the "Language" column, addition of the name of the editor of the editable datas.
- In the "Language" column, addition of games created with Glulx, Z-Code (zblurb version) The Director, Allegro, ScummC, MegaZeux, NCurses.
- Addition of games hidden into others games. These games without name are renammed with the name of the host game + the mention [Subgame].

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