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Date 2013/12/21 20:11:10 | Topic: Amiga Events

Arcade Evolution is a brand new classic Amiga ¹ / Commodore 64 compatible joystick.

Product Features
- Micro switched Fire Buttons
- Metal shaft with micro switched contacts, metal base plate
- Independent Fire A or B buttons (switchable on/off)
- Robust, stylish plastic case (20x20.5x5 cm)
- Curved front lip for additional comfort on wrist
- New and guaranteed
- Cable with D-Sub 9-pin connector

Original Image

Original Image

Original Image

Where to buy:

USA product link:

UK product link: ... info.php?products_id=1172

EU product link: ... info.php?products_id=1172

Canada product link: ... info.php?products_id=1172

¹ not compatible with Amiga 600

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