ProAction - ARexx GUIServer for scripting

Date 2012/7/27 17:55:47 | Topic: Software News

I'm pleased to announce the release of my new application,

It's purpose is to provide script authors with a mechanism for creating GUIs based on the Reaction / BOOPSI toolkit. (Hence the name, sorry bad pun )

It's uses an unique two way ARexx system, with the script sending commands to ProAction, and ProAction sending commands back to the script to reflect the user interaction with the GUI. As such it can be used via any scripting language that can send ARexx commands an supports creating an ARexx port, eg python using the module, or ARexx (with rexxsupport.library).

The inetrface builds up the GUI with commands very similar to the underlying Intuition commands and uses a TagList based system. There are something in excess of 1500 tags defined in the system includes (not all GUI related) and ProAction will support as many as possble, but it's quite abig job!

Currently the tags for




are supported.

Original Image Here's a GUI created with ProAction.

ProAction is in the upoad queue at os4depot at the moment, in the mean time read the online docs:>ProAction Docs

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