OWB 3.32

Date 2011/4/25 14:50:00 | Topic: Software News

A new version of OWB (3.32) has been released by Joerg Strohmayer.

It can be found via AmiUpdate, on Joergs homepage and from os4depot.

The changes in this version are:

- Updated libcurl to 7.21.4 with threaded resolver.

- FAST_MOBILE_SCROLLING can be enabled by setting the tooltype FASTSCROLL.

- Added NETRC tooltype for using a libcurl .netrc file for HTTP authentication instead of requesters.

- Updated curl-ca-bundle.crt.

- Added COOKIENAME and COOKIEDOMAIN tooltypes. The example "COOKIENAME=~(__(utm([avxz]|xx)|gads|qca))" tooltype disables storing Google Analytics cookies (__utma, __utmv and __utmz), Google Website Optimizer (__utmx and __utmxx), DoubleClick (__gads) and Quantserve (__qca) cookies.

- Now forwards right mouse button clicks to the page even if the CONTEXTMENURMB tooltype is enabled.

- Disabled displaying the page source for now since it's currently crashing sometimes.

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