New Word Me Up XXL update (1.2).

Date 2010/11/20 14:57:27 | Topic: Software News

A new version of Word Me Up XXL for AmigaOS4 is now available. This update 1.2 includes notably:
- enhancement of all graphical themes (15) of the game,
- visual enhancement of some GUI widgets.
This update is free for all people that have already bought the game. Others can buy the game at only 9,99 euros until end of year.

Don't forget to register your copy to get updates if you don't buy game via our webshop.

Our website is still evolving: game page is now available in German, Spanish, Polish and Portuguese (and of course also in English and French). Screenshots were also updated.

You can dowload a free demo containing 4 of the 60 game levels here.

With WordMeUp XXL, take fun!

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