cha05e90 Wet Theme

Date 2010/7/22 21:12:15 | Topic: Software News

cha05e90 Wet Theme (v1.0)

A new theme for Chris' Wet application has been uploaded to os4depot. It's a composition of Ken Lesters "Ken32" weather icons to fit to the OS4.1 Update 1 icon style (64x64 32Bit).
Furthermore are new application, drawer and project icons included.

Wet Theme: OS4Depot

cha05e90 Icons 2010-1 (v1.1)

For those who might have missed my first OS4.1 Update 1 64x64 icon package: I did a little maintenance update for this package - it can be found at the usual place at os4depot.

Icons 2010-1: OS4Depot

It includes

def_icons (i.e. def_e, def_script, ...),
drawer icons (i.e. source code files, mail files, FinalOffice ...),
dock icons (i.e. def_amicygnix_dock, def_drives_dock, ...),
full package iconsets incl. drawer icons (i.e. AdPro, VistaPro, CubicIDE, MainActor, Rebol, ...),
single application icons incl. drawer icons (i.e. AWeb, fxPaint, Findfile, Diskspeed, Photogenics, ...).

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