AMC - Amiga Media Center Status report

Date 2010/7/7 18:30:00 | Topic: Amiga Events

I'm proud to show you the latest dev build of AMC in form of a new preview video:

Some changes/additions:

official TMDb-Support
Web-TV incl. Recording
Help-Windows (just press the H-key to get e explanation of the selected option)
simple, optimized for remotes, control
Videos, Photos/Images, Audio, Radio- and Videostreams are supported
it comes already with a large list of available streams
Volume can be changed everywhere in the program
Webstrems recording (Timeshift - you can record one stream and still do another thing like enjoying a slideshow and so on)

About AMC:
AMC comes for MOS, AmigaOS and AROS
It is done with Hollywood
It is not "free" but it will be low budget
It will be the start/base for more

A Amiga-system with AMC in the startup boots faster than a stand-alone media-center box - trust me : ) This has potential to bring Amiga back to Multimedia / Mainstream?!

AMC, AresOne (v1 + v2) and Broadway can be tried at the Amiga Event in Essen (Germany) visit us and have fun. There will be more secrets shown ; )

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