Radeon HD Cards Now Work with the SAM 440ep Motherboard

Date 2009/12/7 21:24:36 | Topic: Amiga Events

From Hans de Ruiter's website (2009-11-27):

This morning ACube Systems released UBoot updates for their SAM 440ep and SAM 440-flex motherboards. These updates include fixes that allow Radeon X1000 series and higher (e.g., Radeon HD 2400) cards to work with the SAM 440ep. Previously, the SAM 440ep's UBoot failed to detect the card properly, meaning that SAM 440ep owners could not use the RadeonHD graphics card driver for Amiga OS 4.x that I am developing.

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The problem with the SAM 440ep board was that the Radeon HD PCI cards are actually PCI-Express graphics cards with a buiilt-in PCI-Express-to-PCI bridge. As a result, the card appears as a device behind a bridge to the system. This is the same issue that seems to be preventing Pegasos II users from using the same graphics cards on their system.
With this UBoot update, a large number of Amiga OS 4.x users are now able to use more modern graphics cards. All that remains to be done, is for me to finish the drivers...

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