Amigans IRC Channel

Date 2013/10/17 14:32:25 | Topic: - Information

To get in contact with fellow amigans in a live chat you can connect to the IRC network.

Channel: #amigans

To connect to the irc server you can download the excellent Wookiechat IRC Client.

You can use a browser based client by clicking the "IRC Window" link in the top menu under the site banner

Some channels of interest:

#Amigans - Our own official channel

#Amigadev - An english channel for Amiga developers. Run by the UtilityBase web site.

#safir - An amiga channel for swedish amiga users. Run by the Safir web site.

Once joined you may want to change your nick name using this command:

/nick yournick

(Just type the command into the text input field of the irc client)

In case the server above doesn't work, you can use the following servers in the same network:

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