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Software News : Cubic IDE 1.8
Posted by AmiKit on 2007/3/18 20:50:00 (1160 reads)
Software News

A small update for the Cubic development environment (which adds support for the Amiga Image Storage System) can be found here (screenshot). microgolded, a minimal highly configurable editor, has been updated as well (shot).

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Software News : WinUAE 1.4.1 released
Posted by AmiKit on 2007/3/18 18:50:10 (836 reads)
Software News

WinUAE site is back on-line together with a new 1.4.1 update! Support the WinUAE/UAE development here.

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Software News : GNU make With Path Conversion Functions
Posted by ssolie on 2007/3/18 16:42:07 (1228 reads)
Software News

- compiled with latest beta SDK
- fixed problem with lost aliases when using AmigaShell (thanks Daniel Allsopp)
- added new amigapath and posixpath make functions to convert from one path style to the other

Grab it for your Amiga from OS4Depot.

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Software News : Hollywood Designer 2.0 released
Posted by softwarefailure on 2007/3/18 16:11:51 (1107 reads)
Software News

Airsoft Softwair are very proud to announce that the final version of Hollywood Designer 2.0 is now available
for AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS and for the first time also for WarpOS. Hollywood Designer 2.0 is the ultimate
presentation editing software for AmigaOS(tm) and compatible operating systems.

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Software News : Battle for Wesnoth 1.2.3 on OS4Depot
Posted by salass00 on 2007/3/18 10:34:52 (1140 reads)
Software News

The Battle for Wesnoth is a free, turn-based strategy game with a fantasy theme.

Download link
Link to Wesnoth site

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Amiga Events : Individual Computers to demonstrate Clone-A
Posted by orgin on 2007/3/16 14:24:07 (3375 reads)

Individual Computers' project "Clone-A" will be demonstrated on saturday march 31st, 2007 in Aachen, Germany.

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Software News : Sputnik OS4 Port Update
Posted by Troels on 2007/3/12 13:25:49 (2122 reads)
Software News

The bounty for an OS4 port of Sputnik looks promising.
So far we raised 2126 EUR, needed amount is 3050 EUR.
With a bit more donations from the OS4 community we could get there soon, please consider making a donation! Read more about the bounty and make a donation at www.amigabounty.net

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Publications : Amiga Future Page In English Now
Posted by AndreasM on 2007/3/12 11:30:59 (1444 reads)

Since a long time we approach our English speaking users with the Amiga Future homepage.

It starts with online articles, a comprehensive gallery/links section and full versions being offered on the page.

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Software News : DumpMpegGUI 1.1
Posted by eXec on 2007/3/12 8:19:44 (1474 reads)
Software News

DumpMpegGUI is a GUI (snapshot) for the DumpMpeg program. It supports all options supported by the command line program.

dumpmpeg is a command line interface program which dumps the specified frames from an mpeg movie file to .bmp format picture files.

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Software News : MakeCD available for free!
Posted by AmiKit on 2007/3/10 19:03:42 (2882 reads)
Software News

MakeCD used to be shareware and some shops sold boxed versions together with a license. This worked well in the past and we are thankful to everyone who found MakeCD worth paying for. However, MakeCD sales have long ago stopped being a relevant source of income for us. At the same time it has become harder and harder for interested users to get hold of a MakeCD license as more and more Amiga shops ceased business.

Therefore we decided to draw a line and stop selling MakeCD altogether: now it is available for free. You still need a valid license key for the existing binaries.

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