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Hardware News : Clone-A demonstration successful
Posted by orgin on 2007/4/3 6:59:50 (1744 reads)
Hardware News

On saturday, march 31st, Clone-A was successfully presented at Schloss Rahe Business center in Aachen, Germany. Project leader Oliver Achten and owner Jens Schönfeld faced up to the visitor's questions and presented an Amiga where the complete custom chipset was replaced by Clone-A development boards.

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Hardware News : Sam440ep project completed
Posted by Mason on 2007/4/1 2:00:00 (2457 reads)
Hardware News

ACube Systems Srl is pleased to announce the completion of Sam440ep project.

The board is actually available for selected industrial customers in three different configurations of the AMCC 440ep processor: 400Mhz with 128MB onboard memory, 533Mhz with 256MB onboard memory and 667Mhz with 512MB onboard memory.

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Software News : New 32-bit Icons again
Posted by Mason on 2007/3/31 23:37:22 (1159 reads)
Software News

Several new and reworked icon archives are available on the Masonicons homepage.


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Software News : Navbar - a integrated file manager for the Workbench
Posted by Mason on 2007/3/31 23:35:55 (1520 reads)
Software News

Navbar adds a new funtionality to the Workbench. It is a file manager, but unlike like its predecessor, is full integrated into the Workbench.

Rather than running it as a separate program on its own screen or window, and switching to it whenever you need to copy, delete or view files, it forms an integral part of the familiar Workbench environment, adding its power and ease of use to all Workbench operations.

If you want to improve the speed and efficiency of Workbench in a way that suits your needs, Navbar is the way to go.

Navbar needs AmigaOS4 and AISS.

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Amiga Events : Codex Alpe Adria 2007 Update (T-Shirts Available)
Posted by AmiKit on 2007/3/31 18:31:06 (1209 reads)
Amiga Events

The 2007 edition of Codex Alpe Adria, the yearly alternative and creative computing event organized by Cloanto's Amiga Forever team, is confirmed for the July 7 weekend. Event T-shirts have just been released, in time for wearing at Breakpoint.

Software News : E-UAE-0.8.29-WIP4 released
Posted by klesterjr on 2007/3/30 4:20:20 (2081 reads)
Software News

From the E-UAE Website:


Here at last. Lots of bug fixes, better performance and an experimental OpenGL renderer in the SDL back-end - which, incidentally, makes E-UAE fly on Mac OS X. Grab the binaries below while they're still warm. Yummy!

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Software News : RDesktop 2007-1 AmigaOS 3.x 68k
Posted by Mason on 2007/3/29 11:20:00 (1098 reads)
Software News

As a follow up to my prior news article on the release of the Remote Desktop Client for OS4, I am now pleased to offer ports for AmigaOS 3.x 68k users.


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Software News : Graphician needed for Amiga game project
Posted by daff on 2007/3/27 14:53:41 (1205 reads)
Software News

Gunnar von Boehn is looking for one or more GFX artists to create new Amiga 2D games. The games will be in the spirit of great Amiga titles and will be based on the Arcade Construction Kit project which started last year (http://www.greyhound-data.com/gunnar/games/).

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Software News : New 32bit Icons
Posted by Mason on 2007/3/25 23:05:09 (1418 reads)
Software News

Eleven new and reworked 32bit-icon-archives are available for free download on the Masonicons homepage.
Please have a look at the preview image for further informations.

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Software News : Hyperion Entertainment VOF and ACube Systems Srl announce strategic partnership
Posted by m3x on 2007/3/25 16:00:00 (2726 reads)
Software News

Leuven, Belgium and Bassano del Grappa, Italy 25 March, 2007

Hyperion Entertainment VOF and ACube Systems Srl are pleased to announce that they have entered into a strategic partnership following a recent two day meeting of representatives of both companies in Brussels, Belgium.

Within the framework of the partnership ACube will act as a worldwide distributor of Hyperion's Amiga OS 4.0 operating system for a range of PPC hardware platforms including AmigaOne (MicroA1, SE/XE) and Classic Amiga.

More details regarding the companies strategic partnership will be announced shortly.

Amiga OS 4.0 © 2001-2007 Hyperion Entertainment VOF, developed under license from Amiga, Inc. Amiga is a registered trademark of Amiga, Inc.

Hyperion Entertainment
ACybe Systems Srl
Amiga OS 4.0 website

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